plant biostimulants for agriculture

Did you know that with the help of our environmentally friendly Climateways plant biostimulants, higher yields can be achieved and additional money can be saved?

Agriculture in Germany is put to the test again and again. Increasing drought and heavy rainfall events, stricter requirements and crop losses. Our plant biostimulants are an optimal solution to ensure yield and reduce workload.

Plant biostimulants form a new product group in agriculture. They consist of all-natural components, do not contain nutrients and stimulate plant metabolic processes, which can increase resistance to abiotic stress, increase the efficiency of nutrient utilization and improve the availability of nutrients contained in the soil . Due to these different possible effects, depending on the site conditions, an improvement in the quality of the plant is foreseeable and thus also an increase in yield.

Worth knowing

Plant biostimulant is a generic term for a new class of inputs that does not belong to either plant protection or fertilizers, but is legally covered by the Fertiliser Products Regulation (EU) 2019/1009.

The biostimulants have various properties that improve the plant’s abilities in particular:

  • High water storage capacity
  • Weatherproof
  • Promotion of root growth
  • Increase in nutrient uptake and nutrient utilization
  • Improvement of quality characteristics of the plant
  • Environmentally friendly


How plant biostimulants support

An application with plant biostimulants can save an average of 110€/ha in fertilizer costs, as the biostimulants represent a comparatively low-consumption product with 20-25 kg/ha. In addition, subsidies can be applied for by dispensing with pesticides.
Since our products do not contain any nutrients or pollutants, water pollution can also be greatly reduced and thus meet the Federal Government’s requirement to protect drinking water.


How plant biostimulants are used

There are several ways to apply plant biostimulants.

On the one hand, plant biostimulants can be used as a suspension for coating plant seeds. This means that the seed can be optimally protected and supplied with water in the long term.

On the other hand, the plant biostimulant can be introduced into the soil together with the seed in early stages using. As a result, the biostimulant is at the root when growth begins and can improve water and nutrient availability.

In the case of strawberry plants, a dosed introduction of the plant biostimulants into our planting containers, the Climateways Plant-bags, is provided.


Do you want to achieve high yields without fertilizers?

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