Climateways water-bound pavements efficient and resilient alternative

Did you know that with our pavements, surface temperatures can be reduced by up to 12 °C and the risk of flooding is significantly lower?

The pavements from Climateways inspire with their wide range of applications and their optimal water management. They adapt to their natural environment and are a good alternative to sealed surfaces due to their water and air permeability.


All the properties of our pavements are permanently retained. These include:

  • Water- and air-permeable due to an ideal grain gradation
  • Low dust formation & less siltation
  • o High shear strength & low surface removal
  • Grain stable
  • Z0 Material after TL rock
  • Weatherproof
  • Low surface temperatures
  • Always reversible
  • Easy installation and low maintenance and repair costs
  • From regional production

We have developed various pavements that are available for a wide range of applications:

CW Traffic

Agricultural and forestry paths, road banquets, multifunctional paths

Climateways Traffic is a highly resilient and water-permeable path surface that reduces dust formation in summer through its water management. This pavement has a very high surface shear strength and is therefore very suitable for downhill sections

CW Bikeline

Cycling and hiking trails, sports and park facilities

Climateways Bikeline is a particularly stable and durable path surface that can withstand even the heaviest conditions. The special grain gradation creates an extremely open-pored surface, which significantly increases the water absorption value and thus the water absorption. This minimizes damage caused by extreme weather as well as intensive driving.

CW Walking

Leisure and green spaces

Climateways Walking is characterized by sustainable stability and low maintenance. The special grain gradation reduces soil compaction and guarantees permanent air and water permeability.

CW Mobil

Event areas, forest paths, stages

Climateways Mobil is a versatile path concept for almost all surfaces and proves to be an ideal and fast solution for modern path construction, especially in terrain that is difficult to access. The implementation can be carried out without the use of heavy equipment.

CW Parking

Parking place

Climateways Parking is characterized by a special grain gradation without zero percentages, which ensures extremely high stability and water / air permeability. The pavement system is therefore ideal for drivable surfaces and guarantees a lubrication-free and non-slip surface even under high loads.

Our efficient construction setup:

The pavements from Climateways inspire with their wide range of applications and their optimal water management. They adapt to their natural environment and, thanks to their water and air permeability, are
a good alternative to sealed surfaces.

Climateways Path Pavement

Built in: 4-5 cm

Grits: 0/5-8, 0/11, 0/16

The top layer is permeable to water and allows precipitation to seep away from the surface, significantly reducing the risk of leaching and puddle formation.

Climateways Saving - Binderschicht

Built in: 6 cm

Grits: 0/16 and 0/22

The binder layer is responsible for water management and resilience.

Base course

Built in: >= 12 cm

Grits: 0/32 and 0/45

With the help of the base course, the excess water seeps into the subsoil and additionally stabilizes the entire structure.

Our colors

The colours of our pavements depend on the local conditions of the quarries and can therefore vary.


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