Climateways Storage and Utilization Concept The new water management through innovative solutions

Did you know that with the help of our concept, you can actively use precipitation and save money while doing something good for the environment at the same time?

Floods, fees, land use...

Only a few roads and paths in the cities are currently able to allow the water to seep away independently. Instead, much of the roads are sealed and precipitation is drained through the sewer system.

In order to store precipitation in the long term, surface rainwater retention basins have been used so far. The disadvantage of these rainwater retention basins is that they have a high, unusable land consumption, hygiene controls and elaborate maintenance measures are required, as well as open waters and therefore need protection, as they are a danger to playing children.

Our concept:

We don’t want to let rainwater run off unused. Since the cities suffer from drought on the one hand and heavy precipitation on the other, it is time to actively manage the precipitation. he goal is to absorb, store and effectively use precipitation without taking up surface space, which is why we have developed innovative systems. In this way, the stormwater management of cities can be made more sustainable, efficient and space-saving and long-term costs can be avoided. 
This concept is complemented by our solutions for green infrastructure. This is because overarching systems of nature and technology, as well as building greening, help to significantly improve the urban climate.


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