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Climateways GmbH is an innovative, High-performance and sustainable company for sponge city concepts. To minimize the consequences to counteract climate change and to protect To promote nature conservation, we are not only developing own products, but also design individual concepts for cities and the countryside and forestry. Our mission: Following the example of nature innovatively and sustainably adapting to climate change customize.


Our concepts include the Infiltration, storage and Use of precipitation also and especially in its change in Periods and intensity that Establishment and sustainable Supply of green infrastructure, and innovative substrates and Biostimulants for urban greenery and agriculture.


In order to offer the broadest possible expertise is our, about Germany distributed and experienced team, consisting of employees various industries. In our own Research and education center work our scientists are working on new products. To to complement our knowledge we cooperate with Universities and partner companies.

Our focus

Regionality & natural products

The focus is on regional production, which enables us to reduce transportation costs and protect the environment. They offer we offer our customers high-quality and natural materials.


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