The sponge city concept 

Did you know that our concepts can improve the urban climate, effectively manage rainfall, sustainably supply vegetation, strengthen agricultural crops and even reduce costs in the process? No...? Then we will be happy to tell you more...

We work with sponge city concepts to improve rainwater management in cities and agriculture. The idea behind the concept of the sponge city is to absorb water like a sponge, store it and release it back into the environment when needed. A nature-based concept for a sustainable, livable and innovative future.

The central and current problems

The central problems of cities include the high degree of land sealing, outdated rainwater management and the increasing, noticeable consequences of climate change, such as rising temperatures and water shortages on the one hand, and floods on the other.


Nowadays, the cities are sealed over a large area. Since precipitation is mainly discharged via the sewer system, heavy rainfall events often lead to overloading of the system. High temperatures in the cities result from a large number of concrete and asphalt surfaces, which form so-called heat islands in the city, in which temperatures up to 12°C higher than in the surrounding countryside are generated.

Climate change

The climate is changing significantly, which is particularly noticeable in cities and agriculture. Higher temperatures, a redistribution of summer and winter precipitation, and an intensification and increase of extreme events.

Stormwater management

Currently, the precipitation is not used, but only discharged via the canal. Due to a lack of infiltration, the groundwater supply decreases and the risk of flooding increases. A lack of precipitation storage for the irrigation of green spaces is compensated for by the use of important drinking water.

Yields in agriculture

Climate change, extreme events and a decline in soil quality are leading to declining yields. At the same time, farmers are being restricted by ever stricter requirements, so that there are hardly any opportunities to secure yields.

Our Climateways sponge city concept

Every year, millions of litres of rainwater fall on the sealed surfaces of our cities and municipalities, which are “disposed of” via roof drainage systems and sewers. The city lacks this water. At the same time, millions of litres of water are needed to irrigate and supply the green spaces and trees. Under the cities, the sealing results in a lowering of the groundwater. To counteract this, new paths must be taken. Our patent solutions can preserve up to 100% of the precipitation for the city or municipality, and make it available again, e.g. for irrigation of urban greenery and/or for discharge into the city’s groundwater. Appropriate filters ensure the cleanliness and usability of the water. Heavy rainfall and extreme precipitation can also be managed. Every city and every municipality has a very individual situation, which we can take into account and design accordingly. Our patented solutions are made up of different concepts and thus build on each other. his enables us to react very individually to any situation and to arrange the right solution.


Our concept of the sponge city includes various concepts and measures that only in combination have a significant impact on the urban climate, water availability, cost reduction, the effects of extreme events and people’s living conditions.

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