Infiltration concept For a return to the natural water cycle

Did you know that our sustainable concept not only significantly reduces the risk of flooding and improves the urban climate, but also reduces costs?

Currently, the cities are sealed over a large area and offer little compensation area. Large cities such as Munich already have a sealing rate of 46.6%. The precipitation therefore rarely seeps into the ground, but is mainly discharged via the canal.

Since the water does not seep away everywhere and is instead discharged via the sewer, the sewer system can be overloaded during heavy rainfall events. In addition, the groundwater supply is steadily decreasing, as only a small amount of water is supplied. Instead, more than 70% of Germany’s drinking water comes from groundwater, so that the water supply continues to decline due to consumption, as well as climatic and building conditions.

In addition, asphalt roads have been proven to have a higher temperature of up to 12 °C compared to water-bound pavements, as they store heat. The average temperature of the asphalt surfaces in summer is over 45° C, so that so-called heat islands form over a large area with little vegetation.

Our concept:

In our infiltration concept, we combine many years of expertise and innovative ideas. With different concepts and / or products for unsealed areas and paths, systems for traffic areas, heavy rain systems and our stabilizers, we promote infiltration in the city and thus not only improve the groundwater supply and cool and clean the urban climate, but also significantly reduce precipitation fees. By dispensing with surface sealing and our intelligent systems, the risk of flooding is significantly reduced.
This is followed by our storage and utilization concept, with the help of which the water seeped from the surface can be stored and used effectively over long periods of time.


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